Ah, my main girl. My motivation.

I started Moodiez in 2017. I really had no idea how far it would take me but here we are in 2019. Thriving. Creating. Making magic happen.

My main goal was to first cater to my own needs. I had experienced so many bad reactions to a lot of skin care products that I actually completely gave up on skin care all together. I was a water and a rag type of girl.

One day I wanted to get fancy.

Suddenly a big fat, expensive door opened … that door had an ass load of essential oils behind it. I fell in love.

Then the clays found me, then the salts, then the organic superfoods.

That was it.

I’m making my own shit from now own.

They say if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

I got completely engulfed in a love hate relationship with making new products. Some we’re awesome on the first try, and others I wouldn’t even put on my dog.

It was one of the biggest projects I had ever taken on in my life.

Designing a website, making labels, finding distributors, sourcing organic ingredients, talking to people from China. It was all so new to me.

Even though it was hard, something about it came so natural to me. I was using my creativity. I was calling the shots. Next thing I knew, I was making money!

Wow, I didn’t know I could do that.

That’s the thing about running a business. You find out what you’re capable of.

I found out that I was unstoppable. It sounds arrogant, but it’s the truth.

I love all things natural. I do. I really do.

So having an organic, eco friendly, cruelty free skin care line just rang true to my core values and beliefs.

That shit is vegan too. My real friends know I am a wannabe Vegan.

And I’m not putting shit in my products that I couldn’t at least pronounce.

I am also not testing on rabbits, beagles or cats… like all you other assholes.

I’ll be the tester.

It’s been fun. I truly enjoy it.

I love when people send me pictures using their face masks.

Face Masks are my favorite part of the whole business.

I compulsively pick at my face. I think it is a stress reliever. I notice that I do it when I feel that my life is completely out of control. When I am stressed, I’ll find myself in the mirror picking out all my flaws and squeezing the shit out of them.

It is unnecessary and it scars.

One day I thought, man what can I do to put an end to the horrible habit?

What would keep me from picking? I need a change.

OMG. LIGHTBULB. I wont pick at my face if I had a face mask on! WOW amazing.

So I started making all kinds of face masks. It took me 6 months to perfect them and narrow them down to 15. I have 15 different ones on my website.

That’s how I cope with my bad habit. When I feel the compulsive tick of wanting to pick at my face, I’ll throw a face mask on.

It’s really helped me. I hope it helps others too.

I’ll talk a lot more about Moodiez. It has taught me so much that I just can’t cover it all in one post.

More later. Visit my site to learn more about my main girl, Miss Moodiez

Goodnight lovelies.

(PS: do people even read blogs? Hell if I know.)