Vegan Wannabe

Damn, I just want to let it be known.

I admire the vegan lifestyle so much. I see the color fruits and vegetables and it makes my mouth water.

I save 100s of posts. I make the recipes. I obsessed over vegan pages in general.

I am so down to be vegan

So where wtf is my commitment at? Lol

If you look on my IG, you will find nothing but vegan food pages. Lol

I am very well aware of the disgusting treatment in dairy/chicken/pig farms.

I know meat and cheese causes cancer.

I know the risk I put my health in when I keep my body in an acidic state.

I know how to put it in an alkaline state. I know this down to a science. I detox at least once a month from all the crap I eat.

I just have no discipline and no self control.

I feel like it’s some what excusable if you really don’t know the dangers of meat and cheese but I do know and yet here I am staring at steaks at the butcher shop. Smh

Even the keto diet blows my mind. I know it works for a lot of people but dang, how can you put all that acidic shit in your body like that? I would never be able to do keto. No freakin way. I’m too woke for that crap.

I have made a recent change to put the meat on the side of my plate. You know in the typical picture of someone’s food there is the slice of meat that takes up half the plate, then the starches, then the veggies. Well I’ve moved the meat to make it equal with all the rest. I know that’s not a major change but there is something about not letting it control half my plate that really makes me feel accomplished.

Sometimes I feel so animal like. I just need the meat.

Someone help me change. I want to do better.