Two Dislocated Kneecaps

Have you ever heard of such ridiculous injury?

I mean, come on.. who does that?

Me. I guess I do that.

I’m not gonna say names but JORDAN blew my kneecaps out. Thanks Jordan.

Picture this: Its gym class. We’re playing volleyball. I could care less. Girl spikes the ball about 8 ft away from me. It hits the floor and explodes into my legs, sending my kneecaps soaring all whichaways at a high rate of speed.

Next thing you know I’m on the ground. My legs are locked at a 90 degree angle. I see two base ball sized knots on the side of where my knees should be and I’m PISSED. Oh my god. I can’t find my knees not was flat up top. Oh no… those knots are my kneecaps. They are supposed to be on top but they some how got blasted to the sides of my legs. Okay ow.

That’s when the screaming and panicking started. MY KNEEESSSSS!!! Everyone was looking at me like I was a freaking alien. The looks on their faces read: why are you are the ground? No one seemed to notice that my knee caps were no longer doing their job as kneecaps. So I have to tell them: MY KNEEES, MY KNEEES!!! I’m stuck!!! I couldn’t move. My legs were stuck and bent and I was in terrible pain, okay. This was not a drill. The gym was evacuated, my sister was called to the gym. She’s crying. I’m crying. It was a mess. Then I see my mom and my grandparents. Everyone was disgusted and panicked. It was a shit show.

They gave me 9 doses of morphine on the way to the hospital. Due to the fact that my kneecaps were on the sides of my legs, I STILL FELT EVERYTHING. Every little bump we hit and every turn we made. I was screaming. The morphine would hit my system and it made me feel like a raccoon. Please don’t ask me why I felt that way but I was 16 and had never been on hard drugs alright. It was a new sensation.

I get the to the hospital and at this point I am very agitated. The slew of doctors rush in and I’m telling the one doctor “Look you’re gonna have to knock me out okay” I begged him to please hit me in the head with a 2×4 to make this more bearable for all of us. And he tells me to calm down. This freaking guy grabs a mallet and knocks my knee caps back in place in a millisecond! The audacity of this guy. I mean I was thinking full blown surgery over here and he cracks down on my knees like his life depended on it. It took 45 seconds to get my knees back in line. I was wondering why I had to ride all the way to the hospital looking like a bent-out-of-shape clothes hanger. Couldn’t they have just done that while I was on the gym floor? Whatever.

My legs went flat. My knees were back in their proper location and I had a huge sigh of relief. Then the laughing started. All I could do was laugh. Are you kidding me??? Wtf just happened???? My knees just got blown out??? Could have been the drugs too. I was a funky monkey got a little when. Until I had to try to get in a wheelchair. Couldn’t bend to sit. Couldn’t bend to get in the car. Couldn’t get up the steps to my house. Okay this isn’t fun.

When I was in pain on the floor of the gym and had a girl holding up my legs for support I remember one of my first thoughts was “God hates me.” I just remember thinking “how could God let this happen to me??” He hates me. I had a pretty rocky childhood but this was next level shit. My kneecaps were in jeopardy now. Not cool, God.

My track career was over before it even began.

When my knees got put back in place. The sense of doom washed over me. I couldn’t bend my legs now. They were stuck straight. I had torn the muscle and tissue around both of my knees. I had fluid in them and that shit HURT. This was right before summer. My first summer with a license. I had cool friends and now I can’t hang out with anyone. Why me God? I was ready to have a great summer and it all got thrown out the window. That’s what I thought at the time.

I lived with my sweet grandparents. My room was in the basement. I couldn’t use the stairs. My room was on the upstairs couch for the next 3 months. I had to wear a bathing suit when bathing so my dad could lift me out of the tub. I couldn’t step in and out. I couldn’t stand long enough to take a shower. I had this huge jacked up seat thing that I put on the toilet because I couldn’t bend to sit properly. I like fell into the toilet. Embarrassing.

It was a nightmare really. I had never used crutches and quickly found out that they were not my friend. Because both of my legs were stuck straight. I couldn’t hop with one legs like I had seen most people do. I was a straight legged cripple. I couldn’t get in an out of cars. It was awkward af. I was tired. I was out of breath. My armpits hurt.

This was no fun.

Miraculously, I healed quickly. I had physical therapy several times a week over the course of 3 months and my knee braces helped me get around. I took all my exams on a couch at school because I couldn’t sit in a desk. That was kind of cool.

I was very scared to hurt myself again. When you have a traumatic injury like that you realize how vulnerable your body is to the outside world. I had broken my arm before but I could still walk. This injury really put me on my ass. Literally.

It took me a long time to cross my legs again. I think it was two solid years before I could sit Indian style. I relied on my knee braces for a very long time.

That was 10 years ago. I still get worried from time to time that I’ll hurt them again in the gym or hiking. I keep my knee braces with me just incase.

I’ll be at the gym and I’ll feela little pain around my knees and I’ll pray to God. “Lord, please. Not again.”

Having two dislocated knees taught me a lot. I learned to be thankful for my health. I learned to be more cautious and pay attention to my surroundings.

I think getting hurt like that has played a major role in my need for adventure.

It’s not just YOLO for me. It’s “Let’s have fun right now because tomorrow you could get your kneecaps blown out”

Kneecaps. That’s what they called me after that.

It’s who I am.