How I know God is Real

You wanna know how I know God is real?

This one time my friend and I were driving down the road in the middle of the night.

Picture it.

Curved road with fields on both sides. It was a pretty secluded area. Pitch black out. So we’re driving down the road hysterically laughing at something if I remember correctly. We go around the sharp curve and BOOM a man was walking on the right hand side, one foot inside the MAYO and next thing you know we’re both screaming bloody murder. Like, to be honest I have never screamed that hard in my life. The sound was absolutely hideous lol but by the grace of God himself, Shy jerks the wheel last minute and misses him. Mind you, it was real laaaate o’clock and this guy comes out of nowhereeeee. We both got quiet for a couple seconds and then let out sighs of relief because wow, that could have been BAD.


2-3 years later. Middle of the night. We’re driving down either a similar road or the exact same road and the vibes were very similar so I had a flashback of the time we almost killed that guy. I start to remind Shy about it and again… we start hysterically laughing remembering how loud our screams were 😂😂😂 We’re coming up a sharp curve again and AS SOON AS I’m about to make a joke and open my mouth to let out that blooding curdling scream I did before… BAAAAMMM!!! there’s another guy walking half way in the road on the same side of the car!! Because I was already mid scream and we were prepared, BOOM she swerved and missed him too.

And that’s how I know God is real.