I bite my lips

A lot of people think biting lips is sexy. I’m sure it can be.

The way I bite my lips is not sexy.

The first couple nibbles are usually in my subconscious. On autopilot. Typically giving my body a “task” while my mind rummages through fear, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, self loathing… the works.

I have A LOT on my mind.

Bite, bite, bite.

It’s my body’s way of diverting my mind to a different place. Bite.

There comes the blood. Ow

By this point my partner says “stop biting your lips”.

Shit. I didn’t realize I was doing that.

Why am I doing that?

Hmmm… bite, bite, bite.

I ask myself “what’s troubling you?”

Hmm… maybe the fact that you’re biting your lips until they bleed!!!

No self control.

Bite, bite, bite.