We have all the power

People hold all of the power and I’ll tell you why.

Every single decision we make as consumers in the free market place plays a major role in how our future will be determined.

It is not up to corporations.

It’s not up to big business or big oil.

It’s not up to the elites or the government in the USA. (Yet)

We decide.

Every decision you make is a conscious choice to go one way or the other.

We ARE the disease and cancer ridden society.

We purchase the chemicals from Monsanto to spray our gardens.

We decide to spend and spend and spend and wonder why we are being bombarded with advertisements.

We choose to drive cars. We pump our gas.

We buy the harmful medications and blame big pharma.

We get delivery after delivery.

We listen to the trash music.

We make stupid people famous.

We buy from Amazon.

We buy fast food and wonder why our reputation in America starts with the word obesity.

We buy the junk food on the shelves and watch the produce rot at the grocery store. We aid our children to get diabetes.

We consume all the plastic we can get our hands on.

We use single use packaging on such an immense level it’s almost hard to fathom.

We use the garbage service because we’re too lazy or busy to take it ourselves.

We are the reason avocados surged through the market a few years back.

We are the reason DVD players and razor phones are out of style.

We are the reason there are 50 different variations of deodorant to chose from on the shelves.

We are the reason counterfeit products and illegal drugs surge though the country.

We are the reason that high waisted pants and crop tops are still in style.

We are the reason animals get treated poorly in factory farms.

We are the ones who are toxic.

We are the consumers.

We are the demanders.

We are the deciders.

We are the ultimate controllers.

We are the single most powerful asset to our nation.

We keep every single business IN BUSINESS.

It’s us doing all of this.

No one is forcing us.

I think many people are waiting for someone else to solve the worlds problems, when the problem is always right where you are.

The knowledge is available at your fingertips. We know right from wrong. The truth is, by nature we are all selfish.

Have we been deceived and tricked in the past?


But the knowledge is out there for the taking and choosing ignorace out of comfort or convenience is something I will never do.

Human consciousness has expanded so rapidly these last couple years and I actually think people are aware of all of this but don’t see themselves as a major contribution to any issue we face.

That is by far our biggest issue.

Everyone’s looking for other people to make moves and take responsibility and not allowing themselves to be at fault.

Little to people realize, the ball is in their court.

You can’t go to the polls and get the result that we need to make a drastic change for our future.

I’m sure many of you think that you’re too broke to make a change or too trapped in your current situation to sacrifice anything (you have to drive a car, to get to work, to only afford poor quality food) but that’s not even close to being true.

We have allowed it to become this way.

You want your desired results? You want to end climate change? You want to fight cancer among children? You want to tackle obesity?

How about you start at home.

Because if you’re looking for drastic systematic change to happen so you can fall in line, you’ll be waiting until you’re dead and your great grand children will be in a hot-heaping trash pile up to their necks.

Sure there are certainly legislation and bills that can be passed to speed the efforts but even that isn’t enough!!

Life as we know it will have to come to a complete halt and enter an epic rejuvenation phase in order to be that change you want to see.

I’m talking total shut down of the free market, stopping all transportation, all manufacturing and MASS food production and distribution of every product in the world, every service known to man would have to stop in its tracks and change the way it works on a systematic level.

We can’t even fathom the life it requires in order to change our current system.

But I can tell you right now with absolute certainty that WE WILL BE THE CHANGE IF WE TRULY DESIRE THE CHANGE.

Just look at what vegans have accomplished. They get made fun of, but they are the ones shutting down dairy farms and exposing horrible agribusiness practices.

They are the reason for the milk variations and for the beyond burger.


Whatever happens in our country is a direct result of everything we chose to purchase and everything that we allowed to happen because we are the people in control of what is being demanded in the market.

The market only supplies the demand. On a basic and very simplistic level, everything that you see is a direct result of what we want.

When you come to know this, you can be more aligned with the world you want to see.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking for the future. The change is all around us. People are spreading knowledge and awareness and the market is responding accordingly.

This is why you see more organic produce on the shelves, solar farms, taco trucks, memes about shit that should never be memes.


When you INTERNALIZE this information you TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and you decide your life, your values and your world.

Start making small changes TODAY. DO NOT WAIT because every second that passes determines our future and my God we have such a long way to go to reverse the damage being done.