I like to stay very busy. Here are a few of my latest business ventures.

Owner of Moodiez LLC. I create vegan skin care products from scratch. All of my ingredients are sourced locally and organic. In the future I would like to make all of my product packaging 100% plastic free!

I organize and tidy homes in my local community. Senior Citizens and the Disabled are free of charge! This is just one of the many ways I like to give back.
Owner of The Tidy Haven.

Owner of The Forbidden Wellness Company. I have years of experience in the hemp industry and have gained a significant amount of knowledge through application and occupational education. My goal is to open a CBD Dispensary in my hometown, Winston-Salem, NC. I would also like to brand an entire line of CBD products including, edibles, tinctures, skin care products, feminine care, pet care and more! Stay tuned…

I am a Small Business Consultant.

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach!

Welcome to My Ted Talk.